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Daniel Kelly



Bright. Bold. Memorable. Daniel enjoys applying his fresh and exciting style to a variety of design endeavours. He is lively and fun, with 'eye catching' at the root of his work. Work with Daniel to bring energy and impact to your meaningful project.

A founding member of Mindsai Creative, Daniel graduated with a bachelor of Design from VIU in Spring 2019, and has been eagerly applying his new skills to the team’s projects.

Daniel’s specialty is event graphics for print and web. Need a poster or social media promo? Look no further. His talents also include colourful vector illustration, and uplifting, effervescent branding. Other portfolio pieces include packaging design, map making, infographics and album artwork.

He currently lives in Vancouver and allows the exciting and energetic urban culture surrounded by stunning natural beauty to provide inspiration to his work. However, Vancouver Island will always be home for Daniel, and he enjoys visiting whenever possible.


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