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Kaylie Russell



Kaylie Russell is an islander born and raised. Illustrating, and designing is how she spends most of her days. From Children’s book illustrations to business logos, Kaylie uses her passion for problem-solving to create designs that are both attractive, and functional. 


 Her favourite thing about being a graphic designer is helping her client’s vision become a reality. She takes a special interest in artist branding, social media branding packs, album/merch design, and is confident that her experience in the music industry (10+ years) will be of value to musicians seeking a brand identity. 


 Her other area of interest is illustration. She enjoys, in particular, working with authors in children’s literature as she feels that it’s important to encourage literacy in children and youth. “If my illustrations encourage a child to read, then I know I’m doing my job.”


 In her spare-time, Kaylie enjoys vert roller-skating (Ask her what that is!), songwriting, and learning new languages.


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