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Video Marketing in Digital Strategy

With the rise in popularity of the mobile device, video marketing is an increasingly popular tool amongst growing businesses. Whether it’s on your website, an ad, e-mail newsletters or social media, video marketing has the potential to connect your brand to your clients in far more engaging ways than text or photos alone.

Let’s investigate the benefits of using video marketing for your business, and how to create some short-form video for your social media pages today.

Why Video Marketing

Your customers want information, and they want it ASAP. Video format allows potential customers to not only access the information you have quickly, but also connect with your brand. Videos are more social and interactive than images and print alone; they are easy to connect with and socially shareable. It is easier to explain complex concepts and tone through video.

All-in-all, video is a more human way to engage with your audience.

So how do you incorporate video into your marketing strategy?


Make a Plan

Like every good strategy, start by outlining your goals. Most video content if filmed properly can be used multiple times over different platforms. If you’re creating content for a mobile experience, make sure you’re filming in portrait. If you’re creating video for a website, you may need higher resolution. If YouTube long-form videos are a part of your strategy, you may need landscape video.

Decide where you’ll be using the content. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Website

  • E-mail newsletter

  • Social Media

  • Digital Ads

Consider how you’ll be editing your videos. Will you be using a mobile-friendly editing tool, or transferring your content to a computer?

Most content can be captured, edited, and posted with just your smartphone so don’t over complicate things.

Now you know what you’re creating, how you’re going to do it, and where the content is going. That’s the easy part, now you need to make the videos.

Batching Videos

Most full-time content creators agree that when you’re making videos, you should be making more than one at the same time. This is called batching.

Setting aside dedicated time to create videos will keep you organized, save time and result in a more consistent creation strategy.

Batching content allows you to have more free time later to be impulsive and take advantage of trends, and time-sensitive events if you choose to do so.

What kinds of content lend themselves to batching:

  • Testimonials

  • How-to guides

  • Limited time offers

  • Annual events

And they leave room for more impulsive, creative content such as:

  • Trending videos

  • Live videos and stories

  • Community engagement

Short Form vs Long Form

Today’s online audience prefers to learn about a topic through short-form video vs other visual methods. Short-form videos are also easily sharable and usually quicker and easier to produce, edit and post. When possible, consider creating a short-form video.

Live-Action Videos

Most online users prefer the use of live-action video over animated video, infographics, screen recording and other presentation-style videos.

When creating live videos, try and incorporate humans (YOU, even) to connect with your audience. Make your short-form videos as direct and simple as possible.

By creating engaging, helpful, and captivating videos, your content is more likely to reach a larger audience and be shared by viewers. This will help with SEO, reach, and increase the chances that future customers will see your videos and connect with your business.


Want to learn more about using video to market your business? Schedule a free consultation now.

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